All that is up!

  • Kindness and Masks


    No masks=no events. Wearing a mask is an act of kindness. It is an act of care for those around us. Kindness, treating other people with dignity & LOVE THY NEIGHBOR are more than words for me. People, no matter who they are/love/believe are MY RESPONSIBILITY, and I care. I am not perfect at this. I will be the first to say that I have a sharp tongue and inappropriate humor. I am loud and judgy at times and yes I can be the Karen. BUT I HAVE THE ABILITY TO LEARN AND CHANGE JUST LIKE ALL OF YOU!  I can only change me. I can’t change other people, but I can ask for that change. Wear the mask so we can move forward. I don’t want AGAIN, I want NEW and GREAT, because I know it is possible...I believe. Care for each other and wear the is TRULY the least you can do.

  • Creative Fear and Imposter Syndrome

    I am, slowly, learning that when I am feel like backing away from a creative opportunity, I need to close my eyes and run forward. The painting in this photo is a small sample canvas for a much bigger painting. This is me running toward something that triggers all of the imposter syndrome feelings. This is me finally owning my creative gift a little bit.
  • Welcome To Rocking Glass Studio!

    Welcome to Rocking Glass Studio!  Almost, everything I make is made one at a time. This means your investment will be unique to you. I have been making colorful and/or noisy pieces for home & garden, along with jewelry...for many years. I spent a few years straddling the hobby vs business fence. A year ago I was given a marvelous opportunity to switch my creativity into a full time business.