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Kindness and Masks

I have had many of my customers asking “When are the Holiday Fairs so I can come by and see new ornaments, trees and jewelry?” That shifted to “WILL there be Holiday Fairs?” 

This has been a hard decision. But unless things change, the answer to in person interaction is “no”. I miss all of you, but that isn’t why this is a hard answer to accept. It is because some of my heartfelt beliefs are being trashed...

  • I have a firm belief that all of us really do want what’s best for each other. 
  • That we treat each other with MORE love and care than we would wish on ourselves. 
  • That I would protect each of you in the same way that I think you would protect me. 
  • That we hold each other as sacred gifts walking on this earth….Each of us for each other.
I mean it is the cover of my planner! Kindness is contagious...think it’s sappy? I love it! However...

    My heart breaks when I see the unkindness happening in our world. I get when mistakes are made and unkindness is coming from ignorance, but we are humans and we have the great ability to learn from our mistakes...AND not only that,  once we have learned 


    There is this whole group of people who have put themselves as the center of the universe. They see the facts but because that means they might have to give up comfort or convenience, they refuse to change. REFUSE?!?!? It is more important to be better and right (even if they are wrong) than to take care of each other? 


     I am beginning to understand that it has always been this way, I just always had the privilege of being able to not see it. I know that now (thank you to all of my friends in the Black Lives Matter movement who have answered my questions and helped me be a better ally), and I am changing because to behave like others do not matter

    IS NOT OK!

    I realize I might lose customers and followers but kindness, treating other people with dignity, LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, are more than words for me. People, no matter who they are/love/believe are MY RESPONSIBILITY, and I care. I want to chose kindness, more than I have.

     I am not perfect at this. I will be the first to say that I have a sharp tongue and inappropriate humor. I am loud and judgy at times and yes I can be the Karen.



    I can only change me. I can’t change other people, but I can ask for that change. 

    So those of you who are refusing to wear a mask, or trashing teachers because they are concerned for the safety of themselves and students, or trashing health care workers for “whining”, or trashing the desire of those who aren’t treated as people who matter to be seen.....I get that you are scared. Change is hard. Really hard, especially if those around you don’t want to do the right thing. Understand that none of us is an island, I plead with you to choose kindness, to choose caring for each other, to understand that we ALL affect those around us, even when we don’t see it. 

    Wear the mask so we really can grow and move forward. There is NO going back, no pretending to go back in time, there is no AGAIN. There is forward and there is tomorrow. Let's make something NEW and GREAT….

    If you don’t feel like others matter and the idea of compassion makes you uncomfortable to the point of hate, I completely understand if you unfollow.
    I am ok with that.

    Wear the mask, protect the most vulnerable, be the better person, be the stronger person….THEN we can see each face to face and talk about art and ornaments.

    I don't sell masks but here are some (there are many more!) kick ass MN artists who do:

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