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  • White howlite beads marbled with gray woven into a bracelet with gold colored wire. Rocking Glass Studio
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Rocking Glass Studio

Bracelet White Howlite and Woven Gold Wire

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Verdandi Collection
Verdandi was the middle sister of the Norn (Scandinavian fates) She represents the present, that moment where you take who you were yesterday and decide who you will be tomorrow.
Verðandi is literally the present participle of the Old Norse verb "verða", "to become", and is commonly translated as "in the making" or "that which is happening/becoming”.
This jewelry is meant to be worn as a reminder of your inner strength and your resolve to become what you choose. 

White Howlite.  Calms the mind and aids in relaxation and sleep

Hand formed, hammered and wrapped.

Bead size: 8 mm round 

Beads are wrapped with copper filled, silver plated, color sealed  wire. 

Handmade “s” hook clasp.

Bangle length aprox 8” but is adjustable with clasp size. If you need a larger or smaller bracelet please measure your desired length and indicate in the notes when ordering. 

All jewelry is created one at a time by me. This means that no two pieces are identical (not even the left and right ear). Photos are representative, due to the individual nature of stones your item may look slightly different than the photo. I sanitize each piece before packaging.
**(Healing properties listed are collected from various sources. Rocking Glass Studio offers this as information only. It is not meant to imply or act as medical advice.)

Rocking Glass Studio is a mixed media shop. I make home and garden decor, art and jewelry. I use a variety of materials and am striving to be a low waste studio. Everything in my shop is made by me, one at a time, or is a printed version of an original design. You will find a variety of materials in my work including glass, stone, wood and found items.  My methods vary depending on the material and the time of year. Work currently includes woven wire and stone jewelry and engraved glass home/garden items and wall art.