My Story

Everything I make is made one at a time. This means your investment will be unique to you. I have been making colorful and/or noisy pieces for home & garden, along with jewelry...for many years. I spent a few years straddling the hobby vs business fence. A few years ago, I was given a marvelous opportunity to switch my creativity into a full time business. My goal is to create and to lift up other creatives (this is a tough business we have to support each other).

My materials and techniques evolve constantly. I love doing demonstrations and tutorials and hope to have new videos out soon. Check out the Rocking Glass Instagram and Tik Tok for some visual fun.

When I am not creating I am a wife and a Mom to 3 amazing humans.  I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, hanging out in nature and any time in the water that I can get! 

Misty Poeschl