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Rocking Glass Studio

Maple Engraved Vase Yellow Glass

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This decorative vase can be displayed as art, used for flowers, lit with battery lights or small tea lights. 

Recycled bottle glass is hand cut, hand sanded and hand engraved with original designs. My goal is to remove as many materials that I can from the waste stream. All glass is completely disinfected.

I use a rotary tool and various bits to create the images on the glass. This process takes between 1 - 4 + hours. 

Pricing is due to the complexity of the design and time to complete.

Yellow glass (Chardonnay bottle glass) 

5 1/2  inches tall

 3  inches diameter

*due to the recycled nature of the glass I do not recommend using for food or drink.

Rocking Glass Studio is a mixed media shop. I make home and garden decor, art and jewelry. I use a variety of materials and am striving to be a low waste studio. Everything in my shop is made by me, one at a time, or is a printed version of an original design. You will find a variety of materials in my work including glass, stone, wood and found items.  My methods vary depending on the material and the time of year. Work currently includes woven wire and stone jewelry and engraved glass home/garden items and wall art.